A forecasting tool for population health management

For regional healthcare planners, Halogen uses local data for accurate demand and capacity forecasts, and exploring the impact of interventions

Halogen is currently in closed beta. Get in touch for access.

The University of Sussex

A translational tool created by the School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, University of Sussex.

How Halogen works

Use local data

Use local data

Your local data, and/or publicly available data, will be used to calibrate an underlying mathematical model

Produce forecasts

Produce forecasts

Examine the likely impact on your population and healthcare capacity, then model alternative scenarios and interventions.

  • Hospital demand
  • Out-of-area bed placement
  • Waiting times
Tell your story

Tell your story

Export the graphs and data to aid your decision-making and tell the story you want to tell.

Our impact

COVID-19 hospital demand up to 90% accuracy based on past data
Paper published on model
Produced locally specific forecasts using national directives to provide accurate demand and capacity outlooks
Provided scientific support for a successful Urgent Care Response grant proposal for significant amounts of extra resources for the winter periods during the COVID-19 pandemic

Check out a demo of Halogen