Video demonstration

See Halogen in action

This demo demonstrates some of the interactivity we provide using the Demand and capacity forecasting tool for COVID-19. Not only do we provide effective, accurate, dynamic parameter estimation skills for our tools, we also provide a data visualisation platform to generate any charts you need. The platform is tailored to your needs as it is a collection of the most important and reportable metrics from the model, as agreed between us and you, and the available interventions that you wanted to explore. The interventions are typically linked to potential changes in policy (e.g. entering a national lockdown) or systems operations (e.g. adding extra capacity in a hospital ward) or environment (e.g. simulating the addition of a new variant).
Upon securely logging in, you will see your data (if you have opted in), the past model outputs and a current forecast from the model as to what you can expect if the situation stays the same (e.g. in the case of COVID-19, that would mean no new policy changes or new variants). Then, you can look to customise the forecasts by changing the forecast length or adding interventions. The charts can be downloaded to be used in your reports, and a CSV file can be downloaded with the estimates to directly input into any data analysis you are conducting yourself.